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I think I've finally done IT

Anyone who knows me they know I struggle with technology at the best of times, however in the the last 18 months I have what I can only describe as bad luck. My trusty MacBook began playing up , so I took it to the great guys at Apple Crumble and they installed yet another hard drive...and we are up and running, HURRAH

As everyone knows the older an Apple product gets the harder it is to fix, so I got an iPad for all the other everyday and arty things. All is hunky dory; I publish my website and begin to get to grips with being OUT THERE. Despite being busy I do try and keep up...... then.....aargh the bell of doom!!! my MacBook dies once more omitting awful sounds and I feel it is time to finally admit defeat :(

Unfortunately I can't seem to get my iPad to talk easily to my I give up for a while, saved up to buy a basic laptop just for word docs and website development etc...I was over the moon and making progress...ahhh so naïve.

It appears my rather cheap new laptop ( cheap for a good reason!) now will not start...I see a light but no one is home!!! I try and contact that well known computer company not so well known? there could also be a reason for this ... absolutely no response at all. So I contact the seller, and they without any question or delay offer full refund!!!! hmmmm me thinks this may not be the first return or problem they have encountered. So I now try to find away of deleting everything ( not much on there but enough for concern). I read on the internet that if I press this button then remove battery and press again then reinsert battery it will return it to factory I open up the little bit at the back where the battery lives....ah I see the issue, there is in fact no battery !!! I can see where it should fit in but nope empty....I am no computer expert but I think this could be problematic! I took a photo sent it to my supplier and they assured me they will wipe any I return the item.

This time I go to see a real person and talk about my needs etc and walk away with a laptop that is fitted to my needs and all the software etc all done...and SO FAR SO GOOD ...I have a laptop that does all things Microsoft for ease and my Apple products for all things arty etc. I have started to update the website and it was really easy, if time consuming, and hopefully I have finally done IT ( did you see what I did there?)

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