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Paintings on Stainless Steel

Original paintings on stainless steel are small paintings that reflect similar themes to my paintings but in miniature. The sizes range from 5x7" to 9x8". Although some have been larger when requested for commissions. 

Each image is hand painted from my own sketches and drawings made around Cornwall. Some are more realistic others move toward abstraction. 

Similar to my larger paintings on canvas, these images imply the place they reflect using shifts in perspective and composition. The arcs and shapes are inspired by those I see around me and my love of mid century design. 

Over the years the method of making has evolved. Originally they were only free standing however now the stand system is removable. Each steel comes with a stand and the "dummy bolt head" so that can be altered to hang on the wall. 

With a constant turn over of work it is difficult to keep the availability updated, however if you see one I am able to then send you images of similar themes that I have in stock.

My "steels" are available at the many markets and fairs I attend throughout the year in Cornwall. 

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