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about Liz

Liz first moved to Cornwall in 1995 from Northumberland with its open beauty and landscapes of contrast. The similarity of the coastline and large areas of moorland and ancient landscapes drew her to Cornwall along with its emense heritage of art and its landscape and light being a consistent inspiration for her work. 


Being in Cornwall has given Liz a real connection with the artists that had already been an integral part of her art practice. Enthralled by mid 20th Century design and modernism; the art of Peter Lanyon, Karl Weschka, Paul Fieler, Sandra Blow and themes in 50/60’s design motifs; help structure her shapes and forms she sees repeatedly within her subject matter. 


Walking on the beaches within the dominating structural landscapes, with her dogs who at times make an appearance in her work, she see these motifs and shapes in the rocks and tides that then become expressive methods of capturing the power and drama of the place. She also uses similar themes of pattern and texture in her Still Life work that captures elements from her everyday life and living environment. 


Her art is an emotional response often playing with perspective that shifts to make the viewer question where the starting point is, this is intentional. Her work is underpinned by observation and through her use of intuitive drawings where she may make one line travel through the landscape or a series of expressive marks that gives her work energy. She describes her style as “abstracted” so in it lies the recognisable but interpreted rather than an exact response. At times she will shift viewpoints even mapping out the subjects and locations, almost as if from above. 

Represented at :-

Steelworks Gallery, The Shipyard Market, Porthleven

Dan Hides Pottery and Gallery, Newlyn

Mackerels l and Jug



'CONTINUUUM' 2nd to 6th APRIL - Spring Gallery @The Poly, Falmouth

Past Exhibitions 


'WAVELENGTH' 29 July to 5th August - Old Lifeboat Staion, Porthleven

FORM FALMOUTH  29th September to 1st October , Princes Pavillions, Falmouth

Marazion Gallery Feb 15 to Dec 31st  


“LIGHTSCAPE” 29th April to 8th May - Heseltine Gallery, Truro

"REEF" - 31st July to 6th August - Old Lifeboat Station, Porthleven

“GLAS KEYNVOR”17th to 23rd October - Coast Colour Canvas Gallery, Roskillys St Kevern

“FLUX” 25th to 28th October - The Poly, Falmouth

 Marazion Gallery Feb 15 to Dec 31st 

June 2021 The 5 Collective "Hywtha" at Morvah School House Gallery, Morvah

May 2019 – Jan 2020 Out of the Blue Gallery, Marazion

November 2019 - The 5 Collective show ‘Here and Now’ at The Poly, Falmouth. 

March 2019 - The 5 Collective show ‘Edge of Light’ at Morvah Schoolhouse Gallery. 

July 2018 - The5 Collective show ‘A Taste of Newlyn’ at Redwing Gallery, Penzance. 

April 2017 - ArtTsea mixed show at The Atrium Gallery, Truro. 

June 2016 - ArtTsea group show at The Engine Room, Exchange Gallery, Penzance 

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